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Working at MZI

A message from the CEO...


MZI was created to be a company of amazing people, fulfilling their purpose, and serving our nation by delivering the most trusted advice, design, and systems in the aerospace, transportation, and defense industries. It is people like you, who make this a great place to work. Our inclusive, empowering, and engaging culture is one that promotes the core values listed here while respecting the unique traits each team member brings to our organization. It is our hope that you will join our mission and continually strive to be the best version of yourself.  Welcome to MZI!

“I empower our staff to decide their needs rather than dictate the tech necessary for them to achieve success.” Mehran Irdmousa

Relationship over transaction!

Our success is based on the people we serve and the mission they support. Knowing our customers, their goals, and their challenges are crucial to providing them with the service they require. Note: It is the strength of our relationship with the customer that we at MZI value, not the transaction.

Don't just do agile, be agile!

We believe that all work can be completed efficiently, while effectively meeting your ongoing needs if we truly maintain an agile framework at the corporate level.

Build scalable solutions for long-term success!

As a follow-up to our agility commitment, we recognize the necessity for our solutions to be scalable. We cherish the trust dynamic our clients instill in us to deliver solutions applicable to their ever-changing array of needs.

Results-driven not process-driven!

We know the bottom line for our clients are the results we deliver. That is why “We deliver on RESULTS, period.” We follow, analyze and improve the efficiency of the current process; ultimately delivering our data-supported solutions based on the results that match our customers’ priorities.


Stay focused! We believe it is not the number of hours spent or the amount of effort given that drives the meter of success, but it is our combination of objective-focus with our results-orientation that enables our workforce to deliver reliable solutions.

Keep learning!

We believe that a successful company consists of people engaged in consistent personal and professional development. We empower our team to provide the best solutions by encouraging you to be the best version of yourself that you can be.

We are a company of people, not things!

We believe in the power of the common human experience and how it impacts the effectiveness of our most valuable professional relationships. At the same time, we cherish our technology and the real advantage it gives us in achieving our mission. In the end, it is our people that ultimately deliver solutions...and we are proud of our amazing people!

Organic Growth

We grow our company by developing our people, not by contract augmentation! We believe in the organic growth of our business based on the quality of our company culture and the satisfaction of our government customers. It is the mission fulfillment of our clients and the professional development of our people that drive our growth not the contracts!

Feedback steers our ship!

We thrive on the giving and receiving of constructive feedback. We value how our work requirements and how our corporate core values affect you. So, we seek your input in order to improve what we do and how we do it.

Have fun and get work done!

We believe the best and most impactful workforce is born out of a positive, encouraging, and empowering company culture. So, we invest heavily in the mental, emotional, and physical well-being of our team to make MZI a great place to work.

Come Work With Us

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We are fast-growing and looking for amazing candidates to achieve our missions. 

Here are the current opportunities:

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Systems Engineer

Security Engineer

Enterprise Architect

Project Manager

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