Value Proposition

Core Competencies

Value Proposition

At MZI, we are leading the engineering process to bring ideas and concepts to operation by empowering agencies such as the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), to evaluate legacy systems, improve safety and efficiencies, implement best practices, and thus deploy mission-critical solutions. MZI achieves these successes by architecting advanced systems, verifying design results, implementing prototypes, and validating investments yielding proven reliable results that prepare the organization for its current duties and more critically, the larger scope of the unforeseen challenges of the future.


  • 59 simulation systems deployed to

  • 42 location across the United States

  • $44 Million cost savings in Air Traffic Control (ATC) training 

  • Improved system efficiency by 10%

  • Improved system accessibility rate by 75%

  • Over 1,000 annual users annually 

  • Over 60,000 hours of usage annually

Core Competencies 

Enterprise Architecture & Emerging Technologies

Advanced Data Analytics Strategy for Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Automation with enterprise analysis and impact on the agency reporting to strategize solutions such as Cloud and Serverless enabling transition from the application layer to the business and ultimately the enterprise layers​.​

Systems Engineering and Life-Cycle Management

Conducting requirements analysis, integrated verification & validation for factory or site acceptance testing; as well as design, processes, and planning to include logistics, operations, and maintenance from concept development all the way through disposal.

Project & Program Management

Value-based project management and EVM practices for on-time, on-budget, and on-performance solution delivery.

Systems and Software Life-Cycle Management

Enabling the government to break through the traditional software development process by rapidly employing agile software strategies to meet the agency's mission needs and provide more efficient solutions from first concept all the way through final implementation.

Business & Systems Modeling 

An extension of Enterprise Architecture; analyzing and modeling system and business behaviors both at the business and application layers for all stakeholders to reveal operational and organizational gaps to architect solutions to fill the gaps.