MZI Aviation

Backed by over a decade of experience in highly complex and agile environments, MZI's Certified Systems Engineering & project management professionals provide our customers and clients with expertise in solving tough Systems Engineering challenges. We have been taking our client's products and ideas from concepts to operationalization successfully throughout MZI's history. Our clients achieve their desired integrated systems engineering solutions through MZI's meticulous, personalized, one-on-one client interaction (no red tape) and quick turn-around time with on-budget and on-schedule solution deliveries.

Mehran Irdmousa
Founder and President

I have dedicated all my career to developing, designing, and implementing solutions for Federal Government and Private Parties while maintaining the best Systems Engineering and Project Management expertise, integrity, and excellence. My goal is to spread this effort and expertise at MZI, getting our clients ever closer to the ideal goals and desirable outcomes while creating and sustaining an ethical, goal-driven company!

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