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Value Proposition 


100% success rate of system operationalization, we have enabled our customers to:

  • Save $44 million annually

  • Deploy 59 full-scale systems to 42 locations across the nation

  • Utilize 60,000 hours of system usage annually

  • Train over 1,000 users annually

Our solutions serve over 670 million Americans every year!

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MZI delivers mission-critical system designs and products on time and on budget for our clients while improving the efficiency and performance of their processes.  

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Corporate Values

Here at MZI, we have a commitment to an effective and proud workforce that delivers on the metrics and missions of our clients. We make that environment for our people and we are proud of our great pelople!


We specialize in assisting agencies like the FAA to bring their ideas to operation by navigating the acquisition process, developing the requirements, overcoming the financial barriers, and implementing the solutions. It’s a reliable end-to-end systems engineering experience!



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